Let’s get to Know Each Other

You’ll share some information about your project, budget and preferences to help steer your Tile Specialist in the right direction.



You will be matched with a River City Tile Company Tile Specialist based on your needs and the personality of your project. We’ll work with you to find a time that fits your schedule to book your Store to Door Zoom meeting.

Your Tile Specialist will be ready for you via video conference from our showroom with selections we know you’ll love.  From there, we’ll be ready to hear you say, “Love it!” or “Hate it!” until we’ve found just the right fit.  Once we’ve curated a collection of samples you love, we’ll have them couriered out to you right away, so you can see and feel them in person.


Finalizing the Details

After you’ve had some time to review your samples, we’re available to help you fine-tune the details, either via email and phone, or by another Zoom meeting if necessary.



Once you’ve finalized your tile choices, we can virtually help walk you through the measurement process to ensure accurate quantities.  For a larger project, or if you’re not comfortable with this step, please reach out and we can discuss how to safely send an expert to your home to complete this step for you.


Let’s Do It!

Once you’ve settled on a design, materials, and we know your measurements, we’ll provide you with a quote, and we’ll get your project going!

What is River City Tile Company’s Store to Door Concierge Service?

Our team of tile designers and installation experts are the best in the business, and will provide a personalized virtual shopping experience right from the comfort of your home.  From choosing just the shade of white for backsplash refresh, or making sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck when selecting tile for your ensuite, we’re here to make things easy.  We offer tile design services for full custom home new builds as well as small DIY renos.

Why Choose Store to Door?

Your wellness and the wellness of our team is of paramount importance to us.  River City Tile Company is dedicated to providing a unique and fun way to get your project underway without the risk of venturing out.  We’re dedicated to providing the same level of exceptional service and access to our beautiful collections all from the comfort of your home.

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