Super Elite Tile Setters (SETS)

At River City Tile Company we understand that specialty tile requires a specialty tile setter. We will ensure that your project is completed properly, giving you a lasting installation that looks beautiful for years to come. Our SETS program outlines the specific qualities we look for in
all of our installers and the values we live by.


S.E.T.S. never compromise on quality of installation or finished product. They only use the finest material available to ensure the best end result and lasting install.


S.E.T.S. are not only punctual but consistent in their ability to complete jobs at a level beyond customer expectations. S.E.T.S. approach each job with the mind set that this project will be better than the last.


S.E.T.S. can communicate with clients and understand that on a custom project the customer is always right . A S.E.T.S. member has the knowledge and experience to help guide the customer’s decisions.


S.E.T.S. are pros amongst pros. They use the right tools for the job and get the job done in a timely manner while still maintaining the highest standards. A non S.E.T.S. member should become better at what they do just for having seen the work of the S.E.T.S.


The most discerning and discriminating customers should never have any issue with the execution and finished installation, but instead be left with a great appreciation for what the S.E.T.S. have accomplished for them.


S.E.T.S. are adept in proper technique and technical knowledge. S.E.T.S. understand that any installation should look and perform as well 10 years after job completion. S.E.T.S. can perform any task that is required to complete any high end installation. The jobs may include, but are not limited to: subfloor and uncoupling membrane installation, installing in-floor heating systems, floor leveling and dry pack, waterproofing and shower systems, interior and exterior tile work/ stone, ceramic, porcelain, mosaic work, and proper edge finishing including polishing.


S.E.T.S. have an understanding and an appreciation for the material they are working with. S.E.T.S. can anticipate the final result and can execute a planned design while adding their own artistic interpretations to achieve an end result that exceeds expectations.


S.E.T.S. are always learning. Not only technically as new technologies become available, but by observation of other installations. S.E.T.S. are always trying to become better at what they do. “Good enough” does not exist.

Passionate & Prideful

S.E.T.S. are passionate about what they do. S.E.T.S. never start a job just to finish it; they enjoy the process of beautifying space. They have respect for the material they are working with and consider the end result not just the pay cheque at the end of the job. Experience can make you good but without passion you will never be great.


S.E.T.S. understand that to complete some jobs more than one stop and start may be necessary and have the patience and understanding that a rushed job is not an option. S.E.T.S. are willing to work with changes that the customer may make because the best end result for the customer is their only focus.

Team Players

S.E.T.S. enjoy working with others that share the same passion for what they do as well as working well with other trades. Working together will allow S.E.T.S. to bid on larger projects that may have been off limits due to lack of man power. S.E.T.S. coming together on projects will ensure that even large custom projects will receive the same care and attention as smaller ones.

Problem Solvers

S.E.T.S. have the willingness and ability to solve problems in both practical and creative ways, allowing projects to move efficiently and seamlessly. S.E.T.S. will do what is necessary to complete a job regardless of other trades’ shortcomings. For example, if a drain hole needs to be enlarged or a corner bead needs to be removed because it is not level, a S.E.T.S member solves the issue. If a framer builds a wall out of plumb or a carpenter installs an inadequate sub-floor S.E.T.S. have the capacity and wherewithal to make it right before he/she begins the project.


S.E.T.S. are confident in their ability and stand tall amongst their peers. S.E.T.S. are open to criticism from people that share the same passion and interest in tile. S.E.T.S. know that they are the best of the best but always strive to be better.